Considering Deeds In Your Michigan Estate Plan

For most people, the very basics of estate planning — a basic will, trust documents and living wills — are complicated enough. But without considering some of the more complicated and nuanced aspects of estate planning, you could lose the opportunity to maximize your estate plan and transfer your assets efficiently.

If you are receiving Medicare and Medicaid benefits, it is especially critical to work with an experienced elder law attorney who can help you create an estate plan that uses deeds and other estate planning instruments efficiently to reach your goals.

At the Nawrocki Center for Elder Law, Special Needs & Disability Planning, PLLC, in Brighton, Michigan, we can help you. With decades of combined legal experience, a commitment to our clients and a strong focus on elder law matters, our lawyers can help you through the entire process. We can give you peace of mind and ease your burdens through the estate planning process.

Using A Lady Bird Deed To Avoid Estate Recovery

If you are receiving Medicare or Medicaid benefits to help with the costs of long-term care, one of the biggest concerns is the possibility that you could lose most of your valuable assets to be eligible to receive that care. Even worse, after death, the state will come to seize whatever remaining assets are passing through probate (a process called estate recovery).

A Lady Bird deed is a valuable estate planning instrument that can allow you to keep the assets used in the deed out of a trust so that they will not count against your eligibility for government benefits. A Lady Bird deed will also keep the assets out of probate so that the state cannot access these funds.

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Our lawyers can help you create a Lady Bird deed, a warranty deed and other types of deeds that will maximize your availability for long-term care benefits and still leave you substantial assets to pass on in your estate plan. Our lawyers have a wealth of experience handling all aspects of estate planning and elder law matters. We are uniquely positioned to protect your assets and committed to helping you obtain your estate planning objectives.

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