Securing Powers Of Attorney In Michigan

With a focus on do-it-yourself solutions and free online estate planning documents in recent years, you might be tempted to handle your estate plan on your own. But without the help of an experienced estate planning attorney, it is easy to make mistakes that could end up leaving you unprepared for what the future holds.

A perfect example is a power of attorney document. Without creating financial and medical powers of attorney, you could be without coverage if you lose the capacity to make decisions on your own because of an accident, early-onset Alzheimer's or other causes.

At the Nawrocki Center for Elder Law, Special Needs & Disability Planning, PLLC, we represent clients in the Brighton, Michigan, area in powers of attorney and other estate planning matters. With more than 40 years of combined experience and a focus on estate planning and elder law matters, our lawyers will work with you to establish your powers of attorney documents to integrate with your entire estate plan. Contact us today to get the guidance you need.

Powers Of Attorney In Your Estate Plan

A power of attorney instrument creates an agency relationship that transfers decision-making control from one party (the principal) to the person who will exercise this control (the agent or the attorney in fact). A power of attorney is a valuable estate planning tool that can help you prepare for the possibility that you might not be able to make important decisions on your own.

We can help you create a:

  • Financial power of attorney — Transferring decision-making authority to buy and sell properties, make investments and handle all other aspects of your financial affairs
  • Medical power of attorney — Transferring decision-making authority for your medical choices, including choice of doctors, end-of-life care, medical procedures and other aspects of medical treatment

There are many factors to consider when creating powers of attorney. These documents allow you to name an attorney/attorneys in fact while also detailing your instructions for the manner in which your medical and financial affairs should be carried out.

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