Fighting Back Against Elder Financial Exploitation And Abuse

When dishonest people take advantage of older Americans, our elder financial abuse law firm wants to know about it. We have seen far too many cases of family members, caregivers and businesses stealing from vulnerable people.

Holding People Accountable For Their Wrongdoing

At the Nawrocki Center for Elder Law, Special Needs & Disability Planning, PLLC, in Brighton, Michigan, we don't understand why someone would take money from a vulnerable person, but we do understand how to punish financial abuse and restore financial resources. When our financial abuse lawyers hear of a case, we immediately investigate the circumstances, determine who is accountable and take steps to recover stolen property.

If you are aware of elder financial abuse, talk to an elder law attorney at the Nawrocki Center for Elder Law, Special Needs & Disability Planning. Our lawyers have the ability and determination to put a stop to elder financial abuse. Call us at 810-626-3277.

Examples of financial abuse and exploitation issues we handle include:

  • A relative who convinces an elderly person that he or she needs access to the property
  • A grandchild who convinces a grandparent to sign deeds over to the thief
  • Cases of stolen Social Security and pension checks, stolen dividend checks, and transferred stock certificates
  • An insurance company that sells a confused elderly person an annuity that does not mature for decades
  • A window salesperson or roofer who sells overpriced or even nonexistent repairs

If you have questions about how we can serve you and your family or if you would like to schedule a consultation to discuss our services, please contact the Nawrocki Center. From our office in Brighton, Michigan, we serve clients in Livingston County, Washtenaw County, Oakland County and Genesee County.