Long-Term Care Planning From Dedicated Senior Care And Elder Law Attorneys

You cannot be too careful or too prepared when it comes to long-term care planning. Many legal and financial complications can arise when planning for nursing home care, long-term health care and other aspects of elder care, and these complications need to be integrated with your comprehensive estate plans as well. Make sure you work with a team of experienced, dedicated attorneys who can walk you through the process and protect your interests.

At the Nawrocki Center for Elder Law, Special Needs & Disability Planning, PLLC, in Brighton, Michigan, we have more than four decades of combined legal experience helping our clients prepare intelligently for their long-term care needs. Contact us today to get your plan started.

Your Plan For Tomorrow's Concerns And Today's Needs

We take a personalized, dedicated approach, integrating all of your goals and objectives into a comprehensive plan that will protect your interests and help you get the results you need. Our attorneys will help you through all aspects of your long-term care planning, including:

  • Placement options: Determining where you will receive long-term care is an important decision. We will help you determine the placement option that will optimize your quality of life while remaining within your budget.
  • Nursing home asset protection: While there are many funding options available to help with nursing home care, some of them could cause you to lose out on some of your savings and other assets. It is important to plan carefully for nursing home care in a way that will protect your assets as much as possible. Our lawyers can help protect your assets and your future in terms of nursing home care.
  • Paying for long-term care: We can help you with health care planning, Medicaid planning and all other aspects of paying for your long-term care.

Our attorneys bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to help you through all aspects of your long-term care planning. We will explain your options to you carefully and patiently so that you can make smart decisions for your future.

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