Michigan Placement Options To Optimize Quality Of Life

When long-term, ongoing care becomes necessary, making the decision as to which nursing home you will enter is no small task. Many factors and values go into making this type of decision, which can make the task of determining a nursing home stressful and complicated. It is important to employ the assistance of an experienced team of lawyers to help you make a decision that will work for you.

At the Nawrocki Center for Elder Law, Special Needs & Disability Planning, PLLC, our elder law lawyers help clients throughout the Brighton, Michigan, area with nursing home placement options and other long-term care planning issues. Contact us today for help.

Selecting A Nursing Home Based On Your Values

Deciding among various nursing home options, in-home care alternatives and other long-term care options can be so difficult. There are many housing options available for people needing long-term care, including:

  • Nursing home: One of the more intensive options, this includes living in a facility, with housing, meals, medical care and other important services provided.
  • Assisted living: This option involves intensive personalized attention with detailed care planning.
  • Home health care: Home health care can involve as much or as little outside aid as the individual needs, and it allows a greater degree of flexibility and independence.
  • Independent living: For those who need very little specialized care and attention, independent living facilities offer various levels of care and service.
  • Specialized care: There are also all types of specialized care for specific physical ailments, dementia or other particular needs.

Our attorneys will take the time to understand your goals and values, and we will help you make choices that will serve your needs, taking into account:

  • Comfort and service: It is important to be comfortable and well-cared for. For most people, this would involve in-home care options. Even with nursing home options, however, we can help you find the best living situation for you.
  • Location: We can help you find a placement option that will be close to family and loved ones so that you can retain those valuable relationships.
  • Cost: For many clients, this is one of the most important determinations. We will help you with veterans benefits, Medicare and Medicaid planning, and other funding resources, as well as help you find the best value care option for you.

We have a wealth of knowledge in this area, and we are committed to helping our clients in all manner of elder law issues. Let our attorneys help you with your placement options.

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