Understanding Medicaid Eligibility And Qualifying For Medicaid Benefits

A neighbor explains the reasons why he didn't qualify for Medicaid benefits, assuming the same will apply to your situation. The skilled nursing facility admissions personnel assert that your loved one will not be eligible for Medicaid and that your family will have to pay out of pocket for expenses. Even your own personal convictions may keep you from applying for benefits.

An abundance of information is available to families that are exploring long-term care options or health care options for an elderly or disabled loved one, but not all of the information is correct.

Livingston County attorney Nancy C. Nawrocki at the Nawrocki Center for Elder Law, Special Needs & Disability Planning, PLLC, can help you better understand Medicaid and assist you in the process of becoming eligible and applying for benefits. Contact our office at 810-626-3277 to arrange a meeting and learn more.

You Don't Have To Feel Bad About Collecting Michigan Medicaid Benefits

Many people feel that Medicaid is only for people who have very little. Their pride keeps them from pursuing any financial option that includes accepting government assistance, including Medicaid coverage. However, Medicaid is your entitlement. You have paid into the Medicare and Medicaid systems for years.

Now, when your family is in need, it is important to understand the benefits that can provide necessary assistance and keep you from losing your home or other hard-earned assets to pay for health care. It is also important to forget everything you think you know or have been told about Medicaid and Medicaid eligibility.

Michigan Medicaid laws are unique from Medicaid laws in other states and the laws are constantly changing. You need to hire a lawyer with sophisticated knowledge and experience in the area of elder law and who stays abreast of the changes in Michigan Medicaid laws.

Knowledgeable And A Reputation You Can Count On

Our Medicaid and elder law attorney is distinguished by her years of experience and her knowledge in the concentrated area of Medicaid, elder law and estate planning. She is one of only a select number of Michigan attorneys to acquire a Master of Laws degree in elder law (LL.M.).

Questions About Medicaid Requirements? Attorney Nancy Nawrocki Can Help.

The Nawrocki Center assists clients in determining Medicaid eligibility based upon current Medicaid requirements. While Medicaid applications filed without the assistance of a lawyer can get lost or delayed, we will work diligently to ensure that your Medicaid application is processed efficiently and in accordance with Medicaid-established timelines. Additionally, if your case is denied, we have extensive experience and success in Medicaid appeals.

It Is NEVER Too Late To Apply For Medicaid

Although proactive Medicaid planning is the most effective method of preserving assets while striving to become eligible for benefits, there still are strategies that can be beneficial for your family's situation — even if your loved one is already receiving some form of care.

Contact our Brighton, Michigan, law firm to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer at the Nawrocki Center. You may also print and complete our long-term care planning questionnaire to assist you in preparing for your Medicaid planning consultation.