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How to Find, Keep, and Pay for Long-Term Care without Losing Your Life Savings

This Masterclass is for people who are worried about the rising cost of long-term care, who are concerned about the financial hardships that paying for this care may cause, and are confused about all the contradictory advice

Six Points: In This Masterclass, You’re Going to Learn

  • The secret to getting great care, keeping great care, and paying for great care
  • How our clients are finally able to sleep at night, knowing mom and dad are safe
  • The mistakes families commonly make when it comes to planning for long-term care and how to avoid them
  • How to take control of the situation and move forward with confidence while finding stability and relief from the stress
  • Why asking the wrong people for advice can lead to overspending and unnecessary burdens being placed on caregivers
  • How to do all this while preserving independence and safeguarding what matters most - family, assets, and legacy

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"We are a team of committed legal advocates who leverage wisdom to preserve your independence and safe guard what you value most - family, assets, and legacy."

When clients come to us for legal assistance, they are usually facing significant stress and anxiety. We use our extensive experience and knowledge to put our clients at ease while we work together to find the best solutions available to meet their needs.

After practicing elder law in Michigan for decades, we are uniquely qualified to help our clients protect their assets, prepare for the future and take care of their families as they get older.

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