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Holiday Gift Guide for Loved Ones With Special Needs and Their Caregivers

The holiday season is right around the corner, so it will soon be time to start thinking about gift giving for family and friends. It's often a challenge to come up with ideas for unique and unexpected presents for the people in your life, especially when it comes to loved ones with special needs and their caregivers. There are so many types of gifts they'll cherish, and many more options for items they need and can really use. As you gear up to head to the stores or online to shop, check out our holiday guide to gifts that will get rave reviews from everyone on your list.

By Interest: When you think about your loved one's interests, you can often come up with ideas for the perfect present.

Movies: People of all ages like movies, but the key is finding the right genre. Consider comedy, action, horror, silver screen classics, documentaries, or other options for the recipient.

Music: Like movies, music is a matter of personal taste. Fortunately, there are plenty of musical styles to appeal to your special needs friend. Country, pop, and rock are uplifting and energizing, while classical and jazz music are engaging to the auditory senses.

Games: Whether the focus is on strategy, physical activity, or just plain fun, games make a great gift for the developmentally disabled. Board games, dice games, role playing competitions, and even video games get multiple players involved.

By Need: You may consider buying your special needs friend a gift that serves a need, or makes life more enjoyable or easier.

Physical Assistance: If your loved one requires equipment to get around or perform routine tasks, it's smart to look into items to upgrade existing gear or act as accessories. For instance, different developers make phones that operate via images rather than words or numbers. Such devices could help your friend or family member handle phone calls and stay connected. Anyone with trouble standing could benefit from a rising chair that brings them up from a sitting position.

Speech Assistance: Multiple companies have developed mobile apps that can assist the speech disabled with communication. Many of these solutions take text and convert it into natural-sounding voices for those with special needs to express themselves. There are even children's voice for younger people with speech challenges.

For Caregivers: The people that take care of special needs friends and family members also deserve attention around the holidays. Spa gift certificates are a great idea to help caretakers relax, while scheduling applications provide an easy way to track appointments.

Loved ones with developmental disabilities are easy to shop for with this guide, and you can also show your appreciation with a few items for their hard-working caretakers. If you have concerns that go beyond gift-giving ideas for those with special needs, it's wise to discuss your situation with a qualified elder and disability attorney. We have the experience and knowledge to assist you with Medicare, Medicaid, and estate planning, as well as other considerations for the developmentally disabled. Please contact the lawyers at the Nawrocki Center for Elder Law, Special Needs & Disability Planning for more information on our services.


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