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Ideal Christmas Presents for Those in Nursing Homes

If you have an older loved one who is currently in a nursing care facility, it may be difficult for both of you this season. Of course, your loved one will want to spend the holidays with you and you will want to spend the holidays with them, as well. Depending on their condition, however, they may not be able to be around a bustling holiday house that is full of guests.


It is true what they say: The older you get, the more and more you appreciate items like socks and slippers. It is true for those of us in our forties. It is even more true for those of us in our 80s. Good cozy socks and slippers can increase a person’s quality of life 100-fold (slight exaggeration), but you will want to make sure that socks and slippers have enough grip to catch the floor. Older folks do not want to ice skate around the nursing home on slippery socks!


Older relatives like games, too. They enjoy playing cards, doing jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, and board games. Consider taking a look at what activities their nursing home schedules for them and getting a feel for where you can provide some added value.

As it happens, older relatives also enjoy playing games on phones or tablets, so if you can arrange for an upgrade there, that is something you might want to consider. Tablets can also be used to watch their favorite movies and programs on online streaming services like Netflix. Arranging for a subscription is a cool idea to help them pass the time.

Audio Books

Audio books and large-print books are a great idea for older relatives. However, you will want to make sure that they have some way to play them. Today, subscription services like Audible provide digital copies of books, but you will need to provide a phone or tablet for them to read.

Take Them Out for a Special Dinner

Sometimes, being there is the best gift anyone can give. If they have everything they need, arrange to spend time with them in a way that makes them comfortable. This can include going to a fancy restaurant, but it does not have to.

Art Supplies

Older people often enjoy knitting and crocheting. Making sure they are stocked up on all their supplies is a great gift this holiday season.

Comfortable Bedding

Many older people love to sleep, and who can blame them? Now that they have the time to sleep, they should be able to sleep in the most comfortable way possible. Your older loved one will think of you every time they curl up under their warm comforter or rest their head on their new pillows.

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