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Providing Your Older Loved One With a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Holidays are important for your older loved ones. They give them something to look forward to and invite fond memories. The holidays are also stressful, not just for older family members, but for everyone. There are decorations to be hung, food to buy and prepare, and you may have a number of people either spending the night or in town just for the day. For older loved ones, it means leaving the safety and certainty of their place of residence to visit you in a place that may not be familiar.

Avoid Slip, Trip, and Fall Hazards

Those with newborns and toddlers in the house are used to thinking about safety hazards in their home. Yet it may be more important when you have older relatives around. Older folks do not heal as quickly and their bones are much more brittle. You will want to think about how they will be able to maneuver in your house with a walker or a cane.

Before inviting your loved one over, give your home a once-over and make sure that there is an easily accessible bathroom around for good measure.

Talk to Them About Food Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

There is nothing worse than girding yourself up for a holiday meal and then realizing that you cannot eat anything on the menu. Talk to your loved one about their food allergies and dietary restrictions prior to inviting them over so you will be sure that there is something there for everyone to enjoy. You can find a number of wonderful online heart- and kidney-healthy dishes to provide them.

A second item to consider is their dental health. Older relatives may have more difficulty eating certain foods than others. If they are only working with dentures, consider offering softer and easier to chew items as well as Thanksgiving favorites.

Digestive issues will be another consideration. Food that can be easily digested is ideal for older loved ones.

Train the Kids to be Cautious Around Them

Kids like to run around and get excited when there are people coming over. The same holds true for pets. Both can make elderly loved ones nervous, especially when they do not respect their personal space or fail to consider their needs. Try advising your children to settle down when they are around older loved ones. No running around grandma or grandpa!

Find Ways to Engage Them

Older loved ones are often left with feelings of isolation and depression during the holidays. Find ways to engage them. Ask them about their lives. Just spend time talking with them. Small gestures like these can make all the difference.

The Nawrocki Center for Elder Law

The Nawrocki Center provides a number of legal services for seniors. These include preventing financial exploitation, estate planning, long-term care advocacy, and more. If you or your loved one are in need of an elder law attorney or a legal advocate, please contact us today at 810-893-5277 or via our online form.


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